Welcome to The Dabbler

Welcome to The Dabbler — a blog that does not look like a traditional blog. To see the blog posts, simply navigate to the top menu and click “posts” or click this link to read the posts. This is a personal project of the Dabbler (AKA Hendrik Steyn) who likes to dabble in different things from time to time.

This page will (hopefully) teach the Dabbler how to build websites that are easy to maintain and accessible — yet professional.

From time to time, this site may be broken, gone or simply change in appearance. Don’t be alarmed. This is natural. The Dabbler dabbles in code and, because he is the Dabbler, he learns as he goes along.

This website is constructed with a top menu for easy navigation and it is also fully accessible with a screen reader. If you have any ideas, complaints or if you only want to drop the Dabbler a line, please don’t hesitate. He loves hearing from his visitors.

Warning, warning, warning: This page contains humor and or satire, because life is too short to be taken seriously.