How to build a website with a screen reader | Introduction

Welcome to the “Build a website with a screen reader“-series. In this series The Dabbler is going to attempt to show people with vision loss as well as those with normal site, how to build a website with a screen reader and WordPress.

Many people will ask why it’s necessary to have a series of tutorials on doing this: WordPress is, afterall, a very easy system to use. This is true, but if you use a screen reader, it’s a bit different. Screen readers reads everything on a website from top to bottom and it is hard to get an idea of the bigger picture. This picture is obvious to people with site, because they can see, at a glance, what is happening on the screen.

This presents a challenge to the screen reader user. The documentation on the WordPress site is written for people with vission in mind. And while many WordPress themes are accessible, there are ways in which accessibility can be improved. In this series of articles, The Dabbler will show you which plugins to install (these are usually or mostly accessible), which themes The Dabbler likes and how to customise your WordPress site.

In the next article we will be looking at how to start a website. For now, happy reading and if you have comments or topics you’d like The Dabbler to discuss, please leave a comment.

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