There is currently a huge campaign on Twitter that does the rounds amongst especially blind people. The idea behind this campaign is to be treated like a human being and not just grabbed, pushed and pulled by sited people. But The Dabbler being what he is and because he cannot conform easily, sees this #JustAskDontGrab campaign from the other side of the fence.

I’m at the bottom of a hole — a deep, muddy, smelly hole. Above my head I can hear street noises and the anxious voice of a woman talking to the emergency people on her phone.

They quickly arrive on the scene and, after helping me out, found I have no injuries. None other than a bruised ego and a ruined set of clothes from falling down an open manhole cover.

“I am so sorry.” The woman who phoned the emergency people said. “I tried to warn you, but it happened so quickly. I was walking behind you when I saw the hole. I tried to shout, but you were already too close.”

I vaguely remember a strangled sort of a shout behind me just before I fell…

“Why did you not grab the back of my clothes?” I asked the lady.

“That’s rude! I saw on social media that I must #JustAskDontGrab.

“Don’t you think grabbing is quicker than asking in certain situations?” I asked her.

“I am so sorry.” She said before walking off.

“So am I.” I thought as I walked away to change my clothes, but it could have been worse. It might have involved a street crossing, a bewildered driver and a broken body lying on the tarmac…”

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