Why do you want a website?

So, you want a website? In this section we are going to look at why you want a website. This question is important, because it will influence the look and feel of your wibsite.

Why do you want a website or blog? There are millions of other websites and blogs, many with large user bases and many others selling or promoting services. Why do you want to join them?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I going to sell a unique product or offer a unique service?
  • Am I going to educate people in one form or another by providing tutorials etcetera?
  • Am I going to have a blog that tells people about me, myself and my holiday or my life?

If you are going to offer a service or sell products, you need to do your research about e-commerce, how it works and what is the most affordable and safest options. You are going to work with other people’s money, so you need to have a website that is not only strong, secure and thief-proof, but also accessible to all different sorts of people.

If you are going to offer an educational website with tutorials and podcasts or videos, you need to ask yourself if your tutorials are going to be unique. Why should a visitor come to your site if they can find it on, for example, Youtube?

For a blog the same question applies: What is going to differentiate your blog from the million others out there? Are people going to care about you and your cats or the story about how you visited granny last December. The Dabbler has nothing against these stories; in fact, he loves them. But the question is then: Why not use Facebook or any of the other micro blogging services? It’s far easier than making a website from scratch.

Once you have answered these questions to your own satisfaction, it is time to start thinking about a webhost. We will be looking at that topic in the next episode. That is also when the real fun starts as a good web host must, for The Dabbler at least, fulfill a number of criteria. Untill next time, happy blogging.

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