After the 21 day lockdown to help stop the Coronavirus was anounced, one of my biggest questions was: What will I do for 3 weeks? These blog entries is a partial answer. Interested? Read more below.

I woke up this morning, and the sun did not shine. I picked up my shovel and walked to the mine…

No, you did not. Nobody went to work this morning, not unless you are an essential service worker…

It is only day one and already I am talking to myself. You see, there is this other voice in my head that started talking to me… Is it perhaps a sign of isolation? Am I going round the bend? I hope not, because it is only day one.

Everything is quiet: No sunshine, no birds. The sky is overcast — a good reflection of my mood. As I started walking up and down our drive way to get my daily dose of exercise, I thought to myself: Where will we be in three weeks from now? I thought of my colleagues, friends and loved ones and I couldn’t help but wonder if I will see all of them again.

There is virtually no traffic. Far off I can hear a motor bike. “Where is he going?”I asked myself. “Where are the other people?”My alter ego (I have to think of a name for him) (Are you crazy? To name him will give him form!) asked.

It is noon. More and more traffic comes by. Are people not taking this seriously?

“What do you think?”The other voice asked me. “Since when did people started caring and looking out for one another? You know they are selfish. As long as they have their creature comforts; as long as it’s not their loved ones getting sick and as long as this Coronavirus does not inconvenience them too much, they will happily go towards their own self destruction and doom.”He spits next to my foot to emphasize his own words.

Now I can see him doing things? Oh, my Lord, the end is nei!

To be continued…

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