This morning the sun is shining and there is an up-beat feeling in the air. Today is going to be a good day! We may even survive this!

This good feeling only lasts until the little scooter rocks up at one of the houses across the street. That was when He rocked up again.

“You know, people are stupid. They know it’s lockdown, but they still come and visit other of their own stupid breed.”

“Stop that! I am trying to convince myself that people are not inherently stupid.”

“Yet you know better. All I need to do is to put into words those thoughts that you do not wish to think.”He smiles sardonically at me and lights a cigarette.

Inside I cringe. He is becoming more visible and more verbal. What will he do next? Start mowing the lawn? I stood there overwhelmed by despair.

Things have taken a turn for the worst now. My wife suddenly started watching crime documentaries on Showmax. Is she getting ideas? Will I have to sleep with one ear open and a knife under my pillow or should I move to the spare room for the next three weeks? I am really trying my best to quell my fears and parranoya, but I do not succeed.

It is now late afternoon. People started doing what some always do on a Saturday night: They started grilling meat over open fires. The smell is absolutely divine. I wonder how many of them are partaking in the consumption of licquid refreshment not for sale to people under the age of eighteen.

He is suddenly back. In his hand, an ice cold beer. “Want one? I know you do and you know you’d like to…”

As I took the beer from him, he lights up another cigarette — one of the brands I used to love before I gave up smoking just over three years ago…

To be continued.

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