Almost a week. If you think of it in terms of percentages, 33% done and only 66% remaining. Yes, yes, I know it is still a lot. I am trying my utmost to stay positive.

Last night I made pasta and mince. Just a pity that I can’t remember what I put in it. It was very nice, even if I say so myself.

We also had a miserable few drops of rain. It’s like the world does not even have the energy to propperly remain — despite the fact that it is overcast for a week already.

I went to the shops this morning. What a shocker. No cigarettes and no takeaways. They spray your hands with something that smells like my uncle’s effort to distilling his own mampoer — yet you can’t buy 5% alcohol that comes in a 340 ml bottle… At least I got some hotdog buns.

Nothing else happened except that the clouds are getting darker and darker by the moment and that he is back. I see him out of the corner of my eye: Grim and gaunt — almost like a specter. He is quiet at least — at least for now. My mood matches the weather. Another two weeks! Damn, that’s long.

To be continued…

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