The following people deserve a thumbs up for various reasons. This list will keep on growing. This list is not in any particular order of importence — except for the first one. Every body on this list means something to me and this is my way of thanking them. This list consists of individual persons as well as organisations. If you feel that you should be on this list and if you have a website, please contact me. I would love hearing from you.

This list is divided by headings for easier navigation.

Jesus Christ

He gave me reason enough to figure this stuff out. To Him I ow my every breath. You can find His Word by going to this website.

Mister Hanif Kruger

Hanif is a person who taught me to keep reminding myself that love is better than war and pease is better than hate. Try and do everything out of love. Visit his website and see for yourself what he does.

The guys at wordpress

These are guys who built WordPress. WordPress is a hosting platform. Without it, this site would not exist. It is not hard to build your own. Visit them and see for yourself. And, to get you started without too much fuss, please visit their hosting site where you can have one for free.

A list of plugins I use

Plugins are bits of code (small applets) that make all the cool stuff on this site possible. Think of the sharing buttons as one such a plugin. It was hard for me to find these plugins and I would like to make it easier for you should you wish your own website.